Press-release: Further clarifications made by Victor Muller in respect of salary payments

In the past few days Saab Automobile AB’s CEO and Chairman Victor Muller has made statements that the company is in a position

to make salary payments to its employees but would not be able to do so because of legal restrictions.
These statements have unfortunately led to the interpretation that the funds would be available within Saab Automobile AB. However, Victor Muller reiterates
that the funds to which he referred to are not and have never been within Saab Automobile.

Victor Muller stresses the fact that Saab Automobile AB in every aspect is in full compliance with Swedish legislation as to the disclosure process in respect of the Swedish enforcement agency ‘Kronofogdemyndigheten’ and has been and will be totally transparent in this respect. Victor Muller regrets that his statements have been misinterpreted.


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