Please welcome V1ggenDr1ver!

Hello Saab lovers and owners, my name is Ethan (a.k.a. V1ggenDr1ver). I’m from Massachusetts and I run a Saab fan page on Facebook called      I Love My Saab. I have always loved to write about the things I love and was recently asked to help write articles for SaabTopia; which gave me great pleasure, because I have never written about Saab in the past. What do you say we get this started and I tell you a little about myself. 
Saab cars have always been in my family, we’ve had 900’s, 9-3’s and a 9-5. You have to have a special taste for Saab to appreciate them. Saab has always walked to the beat of a different drummer and that’s the beauty of them. Saabs are designed for a great active lifestyle and allowed people to enjoy driving, whether it be to work or a drive over a scenic byway.
At the moment I own two wonderful Saab 9-3’s. I have a 2001 Silver 9-3 which is my daily auto with 132,000 plus miles on her and still going strong. My other Saab is a 1999 Lightning Blue Viggen, which I absolutely love! It is my dream Saab and I searched for a while to find one in decent shape and now she sits in my garage happy as ever.
I am a Saab Technician at a fantastic little shop that has been around for over 20 years. We are one of the only Saab certified repair centers in Western Massachusetts and we are all crazy about these quirky cars. I love my job! The owner has a Saab dragster race car, which used to light up the track.
That’s a little bit about myself and you will be hearing from me a lot more. Best of luck to Saab in the very near future. Keep your head up and keep moving forward. I have a lot of faith in Saab and we will see them prevail!
Alle  berichten van V1ggenDr1ver worden vertaald naar het Nederlands, alleen niet dit bericht wegens een gebrek aan tijd.

Over V1ggenDr1ver

I got my first Saab in 2008 and have been in love with them ever since. I grew up with Saabs and I even work on them for a living. I am a Saab tech and I love my job! I own 2 Saabs at the moment including a 1999 Lightning Blue Viggen named Saabrina and a 2001 Silver 9-3 named Svetlana. At one time I owned 3 Saabs! Saabs are my passion!

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